Charice's grandmother confirmed the news
Tamsyn Wilce

13:01 1st December 2013

Charice, a former Glee star and international singer, reportedly tried to kill herself due to bullying and financial problems. 

In an interview with Showbiz Police, Charice's grandmother Mrs Teresita Relucio explained that the singer had been dealing with a lot of stress financially after being written off of the US hit TV show Glee. 

Since leaving the show, Charice has suffered with bullying for the way she dresses and her sexual orientation. Charice reportedly attempted suicide by cutting her wrists, but is yet to make a statement surrounding her problems. 

Watch Charice playing character Sunshine Corazon in an episode of Glee, below:

Earlier this year Charice's co-star Cory Monteith died from a drugs overdose in a hotel room.