Matt Bellamy reveals the band's next album will be rawer, with more instruments and less synths
michael baggs
09:35 23rd November 2013

Muse have revealed plans for their next album, which is set to see the Westcountry trio return to their rock roots, following the experimental dustup sounds of 2012 release, The 2nd Law.

The band have revealed tentative plans to release their next album in 2015, and have spoken of early plans for the record, in a new interview with Frontman Matt Bellamy reveals that despite the success of their more experimental releases, the band were keen to return to what they do best - stadium filling rock epics.

"The last two albums, we sort of veered away from our instruments a little bit," says Bellamy in the interview. "We sort of focused on things like synthesizers, drum machines and various electronics and stuff. I kind of feel like on this next album, we’re going to veer back towards musicianship again and focusing on our own instruments: guitar, bass and drums.

"It’s probably going to be a bit of a rawer album, and definitely a bit more rock, I’d say."

He also added, in true Muse style, that the album was likely to be a concept record, and may not be released in the usually manner.

"The main focus is we’re gonna record a bunch of music, probably a conceptual album of some kind, so it probably will be album length. But how we release it is up for debate," he adds, revealing that the new music is still at least a year away.

"The industry is moving so fast, you don’t really know… I don’t think we’ll be ready to put another album out until early 2015 or something, and I think around that time we’ll just look at what’s going on and make a judgement in the moment rather than thinking ahead, because things are changing so quickly."

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