She was Born This Way. Apparently
Tamsyn Wilce

11:12 3rd November 2013

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Lady Gaga has spoken out about her sexuality once again, claiming that her bisexuality is not a lie, despite what critics say. 

Recently in an interview with Andy Cohen Gaga admitted that she had "taken a few dips in the lady pond." However after further questioning during her ARTPOP album launch in Berlin, she gave fans a full answer regarding her being bisexual. 

"You know what? It's not a lie that I am bisexual and I like women, and anyone that wants to twist this into 'she says she's bisexual for marketing,' this is a fucking lie. This is who I am and who I have always  been."

Listen to Gaga's newly unveiled single 'Venus' below: 

Gaga has come under further criticism recently after her performance on last week's X Factor received hundreds of complaints and is also being sued for not paying royalties to music producer Teddy Riley after he worked on her 2009 track 'Teeth'.

Below: ARTPOP - Every step from announcement to Novemeber release

  • August, 2012: Announces ARTPOP - with a tattoo in her armpit. Just as well she didn't change her mind halfway through recording...

  • August 2012: Lady Gaga reveals the first, 'inspirational' lyrics from ARTPOP - although it is still unknown which, if any, track they appear on

  • August 2012: Rumours circulate that the first single will be titled 'Nothing On (But The Radio)' - with Lindsay Lohan starring in the video

  • August 2012: Lady Gaga reveals she has been recording ARTPOP stark naked (which must have been nice for the likes of producers Madeon and RedOne)

  • September 2012: Azealia Banks announces her involvement in ARTPOP - but this later fell apart as the rapper was removed from the track and Banks took to Twitter to tear into Gaga over and over again...

  • September 2012: Lady Gaga reveals ARTPOP will be released through an app

  • October 2012: Rumours suggest ARTPOP will be an Edith Piaf tribute album - which now seems to absolutely not be the case...

  • December 2012: Lady Gaga reveals she has stopped smoking weed while recording ARTPOP - but claims it will still be a 'risky' record

  • January 2013: Producer Zedd confirms his work on ARTPOP, hinting at a big dance sound

  • February 2013: Lady Gaga reveals lyrics for track 'Sex Dreams' on ARTPOP, writing on Twitter - "We could be caught, were both convicted criminals of thought. -Sex Dreams #ARTPOP"

  • March 2013: Gaga's manager praises the album, claims it is 'pushing the envelope'

  • May 2013: The first music from ARTPOP is revealed - on the runway at a Versace fashion show

  • July 2013: The release of ARTPOP is officially announced - and Lady Gaga is seen wearing an enormous pair of glasses

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga licks a metal hand - for reasons still, as yet, unknown

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga reveals first ARTPOP promo photo - totally naked

  • July 2013: Lady Gaga reveals her clown-like cover art for 'Applause'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga asks fans avoid leaked track, 'Burqa' from ARTPOP

  • August 2013: We are told that listening to ARTPOP on computer speakers is 'not acceptable'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga rush-releases 'Applause' due to a 'pop emergency' (which may actually have been the fact everyone was getting excited about Katy Perry's comeback)

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga confirms that ARTPOP will include a sequel to Telephone - but not whether Beyonce will be involved...

  • August 2012: Rumours that Eminem will appear on ARTPOP, on a track titled 'Street Lights' are denied by the rapper's team

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga confirms second single from ARTPOP will be titled 'Gypsy'

  • August 2013: Lady Gaga reveals live versions of new ARTPOP tracks 'Swine', 'Manicure' and 'Sex Dreams' ahead of London iTunes Festival gig

  • September 2013: Lady Gaga confirms she is in 'the final days' of finishing her ARTPOP album

  • September 2013: Lady Gaga denies Rihanna is on the album, but admits it is a 'good rumour'

  • Septebmer 2013: Fans claim Gaga looks like a 'deflated sumo' in bizarre new promotional photo

  • October 2013: Lady Gaga announces the official ARTPOP launch party will take place in Berlin club Berghain, which is known for its liberal attitude to sex on the dancefloor...

  • October 2013: Lady Gaga reveals ARTPOP album artwork - on which she is stark naked

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