Electro stars discuss work on follow up to Exile, and promise fans won't have to wait quite as long
Andrew Trendell

14:12 25th October 2013

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Hurts have opened about progress on their new album, as they prepare to tie up their campaign for their second LP Exile with a UK and EU tour. 

Speaking to Gigwise about what to expect from the upcoming record, frontman Theo Hutchcraft said that the album was shaping up to be 'diverse' - and that fans should expect it sooner rather than later. 

"For us, it's always really exciting because we never really know where we're going," said Theo. "I guess we make pop music, but there are lots of different forms that it can take and we never really know where it's going to until we start making music. We've started writing songs, but there's a variety of paths that we can go down."

He continued: "Considering the types of song we wrote on our second record. We go in the direction of a song like 'The Crow' for instance, which is like a Tarintino-esque mid-Western American sound, or we could go down the route of a song like 'The Road' which is very Nine Inch Nails or we could go the opposite way entirely and make a huge pop record but I guess that it will always fit with us."

Watch Hurts performing 'The Road' below

When asked if the album would have a particular sound or be another diverse mix like Exile, Hutchcraft replied: "We always try to make an album that covers all points of interest and I think that we're developing. Doing these two records and pushing it to the extreme in a pop sense with a song like 'Stay' and then turning around and doing the opposite, we now know the boundaries in which we exist.

He also added that the wait for the album certainly wouldn't be as long as it was between their debut and their sophomore effort. "It's definitely not going to be a long a wait this time, we want to keep working. The gap between albums last time was two and a half years, which was because we got swept up in it and had no time, but now we're constantly making music and new things so the next record."

Hurts recently collaborated with Calvin Harris for the single 'Under Control' with Alesso. Could Harris produce the next Hurts record?

 "It's hard to tell," replied Hutchcraft. "It's a very different world, but Calvin is a genius. He's a fantastic songwriter and I've never seen anyone who produces records quite like him. We won't really know if we'll work with him until we know what kind of record we've made."

- Check back soon for our full interview with Theo Hutchcraft

Hurts kick off their UK tour in Manchester tonight (Friday 25 October) before playing at London's Troxy tomorrow. For more information visit Gigwise gig tickets

Below: Hurts live in Glasgow

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