See footage of their latest shoot as the robot duo are interviewed with 'Get Lucky' singer
michael baggs
09:05 15th August 2013


Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams have teamed up to appear on the cover of the latest issue of Vibe magazine. See behind the scenes footage of the shoot below.

Their special edition cover is one of three to mark the publication's 20th anniversary, and sees the robots and the NERD star talk in depth about their collaboration on Random Access Memories. 

Speaking about what drew the dance duo to work with Pharrell, Thomas Bangalter said: "We’ve always been big fans of his work and output as a producer, rapper and musician. But what we really appreciate more than anything is a multitalented artist that has a strong aura and is super talented, charismatic and very glamorous.

"His natural glamour—he is as elegant in jeans [as he is] in a tuxedo."

He added: "[Pharrell’s] getting a lot of exposure right now, but he would totally be [relevant] 30, 40 years ago as well. He has that timeless quality of what a great entertainer is."

When asked about the work that went into Random Access Memories, Pharrell responded: "There’s a reason why that album is the equation that it is: You have to love music. You have to love the musicians that pontificated and decided to put it on tape. When you listened to this album, you were listening to two huge fans working with people they have admired all their lives."

He continued: "And that is one of the biggest things that I have an incredible admiration for when it comes to them because they have the willingness to stare all of the contemporary and modern equipment in the face and go, 'I will not use your preset. You will not lock me in this box'."

 Watch behind the scenes footage of Daft Punk and Pharrell's Vibe photo shoot below:

Earlier this month, fans were delighted to hear that Daft Punk will perform at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. The pair's appearance at the ceremony came after they cancelled their appearance on US TV show The Colbert Report at the very last minute, much to the annoyance of the show's host, Stephen Colbert.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem Christo cancelled their appearance on The Colbert Report (due to take place this week), due to a contractual clash and prior agreement with MTV to appear at this month's awards show.

The host referred to the duo as 'click and clack' on his show, before revealing their no-show was as much as surprise to him as his viewers. "No one told me until two hours ago," he said on air.

"Apparently, Daft Punk are going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards," he added. "Don't tell anyone."

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