Nick Littlemore discusses comparisons with the French duo and tells tale of JJ Abrams 'mystery box'
michael baggs
10:16 10th May 2013

Nick Littlemore of Australian electropop band Empire Of The Sun has praised Daft Punk as 'the masters of mystery' and spoken of comparisons between his band and the returning French superstars.

Back in 2013 with second album Ice On The Dune, Littlemore has spoken of his admiration for Daft Punk putting as much effort into their image and ideas as they do their actual musical output.

"Daft Punk are the masters of mystery," singer Littlemore tells Gigwise. "I think Daft Punk are masters of illusion and they create an image and everyone has been so intrigued by it.

"We've been in this stage of no artists for while now, it's just been singles and if you look at the charts, there's not a lot of real artists there."

Littlemore also reveals that Empire Of The Sun are frequently likened to Daft Punk, due to their own emphasis on costume and theatricality.

"We get a lot of comparisons to Daft Punk and MGMT." He adds. "I do think we are just some of the artists, some of the projects who devote half the time to the image and the idea of where the music comes from."

Watch Empire Of The Sun's 'Alive' video below

Littlemore also compares Daft Punk to an unopened 'mystery box' described by Star Trek director JJ Abrams, as described in a 'TED Talk' speech.

"There is a great TED Talk with the director JJ Abrams where he is talking about 'the mystery box', which is basically a box that his uncle gave to him for his eighth birthday or something," says Littlemore. "It has all this amazing writing on the outside that says 'open this box, it will be the one gift you've always wanted'. He never opened the box, he just kept it as a mystery his whole life and I think Daft Punk are masters of illusion."

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