Band gears up for ...Like Clockwork release
Adam Tait

13:57 5th May 2013

Queens Of The Stone Age have launched a new website ahead of the release of their album ...Like Clockwork, and now fans can get a creepy voicemail message from the band.

Visit and you’ll find a maked figure waiting by an old-fashioned telephone. Users can enter their number into a box on the site and will later receive a spooky voicemail form the masked individual, which includes the phrase “The view from Hell is the blue sky”, and a text message telling the user to return to the sit on May 6, when the album’s release.

Earlier this month the band unveiled a teaser video for the album which features footage of the vinyl version of the record being cut while a new song plays in the background.

They recently premiered the first single from the album, ‘My God Is The Sun’ and spoke to BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe about it with Homme saying: “I feel like a weight made of monkeys has lifted off my shoulders.

Watch the teaser video below

“Every once in a while this process is difficult. This is documenting the hourney of moving forward and it was a tough time... Not to get all Beatles on you, but [I] just ‘Let It Be’.”

...Like Clockwork is made up of 10 tracks, produced by Homme and the band, with guest appearances from Dave Grohl, Elton John, Alex Turner, and Trent Reznor.

Below: Alums of 2013 that will soundtrack your summer - QOTSA and more

  • Lescop - La Foret: If ever there was an album that soundtracks the trouser-straining summer horn, it's the debut album from achingly cool Frenchman, Lescop. Sung entirely in French (which our GCSE skills are not up to translating), for English speaking audiences, the bass-heavy live dance melodies of tracks such as 'Les Nuit Americaine' and 'Un Reve' that do the talking. Out now.

  • Jagwar Ma - Howlin: Following spectacular singles 'The Throw' and 'Man I Need', Jagwar Ma's debut album is one of the albums of the summer we are most desperate to hear. The mix of indie and electropop (it's basically Stone Roses meets Cut Copy) will prove a hit with mates, no matter their music preferences, and their hectic festival schedule only serves to highlight how damn good the album will sound in the sun. Released 10 June, 2013.

  • Beady Eye - BE: Beady Eye's debut album was widely criticised for being a sub-par Oasis record - and Liam appears to have listened to this and made brave strides to reinvent his band, teaming up with TV On The Radio star Dave Sitek for the new album. Despite praise for new releases from up and coming indie bands in 2013, there's not much that can rival a release from a Gallagher. Tracks 'Flick Of The Finger' and 'Second Bite Of The Apple' show a band hitting their stride, not trading on former glories. A summer album for proper lads. Released 10 June, 2013.

  • Empire Of The Sun - Ice On The Dune: THE credible pop album of the summer, this Australian band set the bar mighty high for themselves with their debut album Walking On A Dream, but 2013 comeback single 'Alive' has proven it was no fluke, maintaining the same high standard of sun-drenched electronica we fell for back in 2008. The costumes remain the same, but the sound is bigger and louder. Ice On The Dune? Ice in the drinks more like. Released 17 June, 2013.

  • Daft Punk - Random Access Memories: The biggest album of 2013 is also set to be the ultimate soundtrack to summer parties - just as long as every guest has at least one foot in the seventies. From big disco licks to retro guitar solos, Random Access Memories has already been hailed with revolutionising the dance scene, and with its warm, inclusive sounds it is certainly a long way from the cold, industrial sounds of modern EDM. 'Get Lucky' is just the tip of the iceberg. Released 20 May, 2013.

  • Crystal Fighters - Cave Rave: You don't need to be a vegan to enjoy the new Crystal Fighters album, but it helps. Never has the message of peace and love sounded so uplifting on this, the follow up to the band's critically acclaimed Star Of Love debut. A tent-shaking collection of summer anthems, the quality never drops across the ten perfectly crafted tracks and this is unquestionably the most feelgood album of summer, 2013. Released 27 May, 2013.

  • Tribes - Wish To Scream: The second album from the Camden five-piece drips with summery rock'n'roll vibes. From the anthemic, lighters-in-the-air opener 'Dancehall' onwards the record feels like one that's meant to be heard live within a festival setting. Come September, this will be a record people play to remind them of the summer they've just lived through. Released 20 May, 2013.

  • By The Rivers - By The Rivers: After the reggae farce that is Snoop Lion's Reincarnated, By The Rivers demonstrate how good reggae music can be with their debut LP. A rootsier offering than much of the new wave of UK reggae music, this is an album for sunny afternoons and short hot nights. Released 6 May, 2013.

  • Retro Stefson - Retro Stefson: Bringing disco-dance back to a live setting, Icelandic 9-piece Retro Stefson deliver an album full of vibrant tones and stonking beats with their UK debut. Go and see this band any time this summer and you're going to sweat. A lot. This is dance music to get hot to, to while away baking nights in sweaty clubs to. Out now.

  • Disclosure - Settle: It's already hard to get away from Disclosure, and with their debut album due in June it's easy to see that Disclosure are going to be one of the defining sounds of 2013. This is a record likely to be played everywhere this summer; in clubs, at festivals, from car stereos, through earphones. Everywhere. Their brand of bright, bleeping house music will be perfect of the temperamental UK summer. Released 3 June, 2013.

  • Queens Of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork: The new Queens of The Stone Age album is jam-packed with high-profile guest appearances and promises to see the stoner-rock heroes return to the lofty heights they reached with Songs For The Deaf. For those in love with the harder rock sound, as opposed to dance music, this will be the record of the summer. QOTSA have a knack for capturing the reckless havoc of summer nights in their music. Released 3 June, 2013

  • AlunaGeorge - Body Music: In a similar way to Disclosure, AlunaGeorge are poised at the precipice of seriously great things. Much is expected of this duo, and judging by what they've released so far they're not ones to disappoint. Their debut album Body Music may well be THE dance album of the summer. Released 1 July, 2013.

  • Foxygen - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic: Foxygen are from California, and the same summer Cali vibes are infused through every song on the record. There's something decidedly playful and enjoyable about Peace & Magic, which has a sense of hippie-rock implied by the name. It's easiest to be a hippie in the sun, in the summer, and Foxygen make it even easier. Out now.

  • James Blake - Overgrown: Not the most conventional choice for a summer record, Overgrown is stark and spiky. Still, there's no better time to lay back and listen to Blake's mesmerizing second album than outside on a field, with eyes closed. After all, no one wants to travel through an atmospheric soundscape in the rain, do they? Out now.

  • Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Daze: Vile is unhurried and calm on Wakin on a Pretty Daze, the kind of unhurried calm that only comes with sunny days and nothing that needs to be done. Neatly side-stepping any danger of falling into lethargy, Wakin on a Pretty Daze is the best kind of soundtrack for those days when it's too hot to even move. Just let Vile's soft croon fill your ears and you'll have all the time in the world. Out now.

  • Peace - In Love: Something about British summers always leaves people feeling vaguely nostalgic, and waxing sentimental about the summers of their youth. Peace's debut album In Love is the perfect accompaniment to that, as the quartet put a new twist on the sound of '90s past. Turn up 'Float Forever' loud enough and you'll feel like you can. Out now.

  • Phosphorescent - Muchacho: Muchacho evokes thoughts of old men in sat on wooden porches in the kind of Southern towns that seem to only exist in films. It's a sprawling, majestic record which feels like sitting out in the sun and letting it soak through to your bones - making it even better if listened to while doing exactly that. Out now.

  • Wavves - Afraid of Heights: Lo-fi fuzz is the best kind of summer music - bubblegum-lite with just the right amount of attitude, too. Wavves' fourth studio album, Afraid of Heights, is sunny and slack and makes you feel like you're skipping work to drink beer at the beach with friends - even if you're still stuck in the office. Out now.

Photo: Wenn