Brilliant new track debuts online
michael baggs
09:32 8th March 2013

A track has appeared online claiming to be the new Daft Punk single, titled 'Future Is Now'. Check it out below.

Excitement is high for the French duo's 2012 return, and already producers have attempted to scam fans with tracks claiming to be taken from the dance stars' new album, but with record label EMI already removing YouTube videos featuring the track, it seems there may be more to get excited about with this latest leak.

With shades of Swedish House Mafia to the robotic, funky track, the track sounds unlike Daft Punk's previous material, but unlike previous leaks, is a high quality track, the sort that fans had hoped for since it was revealed in 2012 that Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manual De Homem Christo were working on new material with Nile Rogers of Chic.

Daft Punk are yet to announce release dates for their new material, although in 2012 the date 13/3/13 was teased, which would indicate an official premiere next week.

Listen to 'The Future Is Now' below.