Art Institute admits faking tracks on YouTube
michael baggs
09:49 5th March 2013

A number of tracks claiming to be leaks from the upcoming Daft Punk album have spread widely online - but today they have been revealed as fakes by the artist responsible.

YouTube user ArtInstitute2011 had uploaded four tracks to their profile, each titled 'Daft Punk - Real Leak "No End 2013"' and numbered one to four. However, despite clocking up tens of thousands of listens online, the producer has now admitted the scam - despite fans of the French duo praising the leaked tracks.

Art Institute has now changed the name of all the videos they had uploaded claiming to be by Daft Punk.

"Not really sure if these 'leaks' are fake or not, hope they're real. But I just can't see why someone would make such a good track to just put on youtube as a fake track," wrote YouTube user Daniel Gibson in the comments below the standout track of the four uploaded, titled simply '#2'.

Listen to '#2' below

Daft Punk are set to release a new album in 2013, and last week premiered a snippet of a new track during a commerical break in US TV show, Saturday Night Live.

Daft Punk were the subject of numerous festival rumours at the beginning of 2013, but as the likes of Coachella and Primavera were announced, it became clear that the French dance legends were unlikely to hit the festival circuit this year.

Listen to the remaining three 'fake' Daft Punk tracks below.

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