New album might be called 10 Reasons To Exist
michael baggs
12:32 17th January 2013

U2 have revealed a tentative working title for their 13th studio album.

The band are currently at work on the new LP, which they are provisonally calling 10 Reasons To Exist.

The rock veterans are "in fine fettle," according to Bono.

Speaking to The Sun, the frontman said: "[U2] are mad for it at the moment and really want to make a new record."

The band apparently spent three months at the end of 2011 in ths studio working on new material, and only stopped when Bono caught the flu.

The album's working title, which is one of several being considered by the group, is a reference to the factors that hold U2 together after 36 years in the music business together.

When 2009's No Line On The Horizon was released Bono predicted a 'companion' piece would arrive within the year.

But that release was pushed back several times.

Halfway through 2011 the band were considering four different recording projects. One was a dance album with David Guetta and, another was a rock album with Danger Mouse, a third was a 'meditative' LP set to be titled Songs of Ascent and that last was a full band rendition of the Spider-Man musical written by Bono and the Edge.

Last summer the band were planning on having their 13th album out by Autumn 2012.

But last week drummer Larry Mullen said the new target is September 2013, with another album planned for 2014.

Bono and the Edge on stage during the 360 Degrees tour

"[We] don't care if it takes 10 years," Bono declared to The Sun.

"[We] don't care if it never happens again - [we] just want to get it right."

No Line On The Horizon, which has been U2's only album since 2004, topped charts worldwide and shifted more than 5million copies.

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