Rock singer denied bail in court hearing
michael baggs
09:17 20th December 2012

Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been accused of a number of sex offences including conspiracy to rape a one-year-old and possessing extreme animal porn, after appearing at Cardiff Magistrates Court this week (19 December, 2012).

The 'Last Train Home' singer has been charged with a number of extreme sex offences, including conspiring with a woman to rape a one-year-old child, conspiring to abuse two young children, making possessing and distributing indecent images and possessing what has been referred to as 'extreme' animal pornography, reports The Metro newspaper.

Watkins and his two female co-accused, aged 20 and 24, were denied bail yesterday at a magistrates hearing in South Wales after Watkins' mother had offered her home as security for Watkins bail. The three will remain in custody until 31 December 2012 when they will appear at Cardiff Crown Court.

Watkins was named in a statement yesterday from South Wales police.

"A Pontypridd man has been charged with sexual offences against children and is due to appear at Cardiff Magistrates' Court today," said a spokesperson after the rocker's arrest. "The 35-year-old has been charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a female under 13 and possession/distribution of indecent images of children.

"In order to assist their investigation, South Wales Police has named the man as Ian Watkins, a member of the rock group Lostprophets."

Watkins (centre) with his Lostprophets bandmates earlier in 2012

The alleged incidents are said to have taken place between 1 May, 2012 and Monday of this week.

Watkins was one of the founders of the hugely successful Welsh band, who formed in 1997 and have sold 3.5million albums in their 15-year career. They released their fifth album Weapons in April of this year.

Photos: Lostprophets live in Manchester, 2012