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St Lucia remixes new Passion Pit single 'Constant Conversations'

New star remixes latest Gossamer single


St Lucia remixes new Passion Pit single 'Constant Conversations'

Photo: St Lucia / Facebook

From one indie synth-popper to another, St Lucia has remixed Passion Pit's latest single, 'Constant Conversations'. Listen and download the track below.

The track is the third single from Passion Pit's new album 'Gossamer', and is a slower paced track than previous releases 'Take A Walk' and 'I'll Be Alright'.

St Lucia, one of 2012's most exciting new male pop artists, adds a few extra electronic flourishes to the track on his remix, leaving the pace of the original track intact.

Passion Pit have experience problems over the past month, as frontman Michael Angelakos was forced to pull out of a string of shows due to mental health problems.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine this week, Angelakos said: "People don't understand that it's not just debilitating; it's all-encompassing. It's something that you have to work on your entire life."

He added: "My depression was so bad three weeks ago when we had to cancel everything -- people don't understand this. It was so bad I was suffering from something called Psychomotor Retardation, which is essentially where your brain starts shutting down your entire body. So you're sitting in bed and you can barely move."

Listen / download St Lucia's remix of 'Constant Conversations' below.


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