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The 1975: 'We've written 7 songs for a second album'

Interview: Matt Healy discusses 39-track debut album - and what's next


The 1975: 'We've written 7 songs for a second album'



This year has been a whirlwind success story for newcomers The 1975. Having made it onto the bill of pretty much every festival this summer, last weekend they performed at Kendal Calling straight off a plane having just returned from America.

Matt Healy is clearly overwhelmed by the response the band have had over the past few months. Their schedule is hectic, "We haven't been home since January and we don't really go home until December", he tells Gigwise. "We're feeling it."

"It has been this cacophony of noise and people and my idols, its been incredible."

He comments further on the insane reaction received before their debut album is even out. "I'm trying to take it all in, I'm a bit confused at the moment, everything's a whirl."

Healy also discusses their forthcoming album which is set for release in September. "It's our life in 16 songs. We've already written about 7 songs for the next album and we just released a 39 track debut deluxe album. We don't need to be releasing another album for a while but we're writing it for sure."

The 1975's debut album is released 2 September 2013, check out our interview with Matt Healy below.



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