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White Lies: 'Big TV is our most pop album yet'

Interview: London band discuss third album and reaching new fans


White Lies: 'Big TV is our most pop album yet' Photo:


White Lies, the London masters of epic post-punk, are back with new album BIG TV, and it is set to be as much a monster as the band's previous releases - even if the band themselves reckon they've gone a bit 'pop'.

Following up debut release To Lose My Life... and second album Ritual, BIG TV is released 12 August, with new single 'There Goes Our Love Again' out now. The single is classic White Lies, but perhaps even more radio-friendly than earlier releases 'To Lose My Life' and 'Farewell To The Fairground'.

"There's a little bit more lightness on this record, and that comes from focusing on melody," says frontman Harry McVeigh. "Songs with great melodies tend to be at the more pop end of the spectrum and that's where this album is."

Bandmate Jack Lawrence-Brown added that while Big TV has been recorded with fans in mind, the album is their most accessible album to date, with huge commercial appeal.

"We've got a really supportive fanbase we've built up over the years. We really want them to love it," says Lawrence-Brown. "I do feel it has the potential to reach more people than the previous records. It's got stronger hooks and bigger choruses."

Check out our full White Lies interview below

White Lies' new single 'There Goes Our Love Again' is out now. Big TV is released 12 August 2013.
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