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One Direction fans send shocking tweets to GQ after recent feature

Fans send 'terrifying' messages to magazine


One Direction fans send shocking tweets to GQ after recent feature

Photo: GQ


Staff at GQ magazine have been left 'terrified' after online abuse from One Direction fans, following a recent cover feature on the X Factor boyband. 

The lifestyle magazine revealed One Direction as the stars of their upcoming September issue, with each member of the band receiving their own cover. However, they weren't expecting the response that 1D fans had in store for them. 

Among the messages were sentiments that included "go punch those sluts at GQ", "I want to stab myself in the uterus", "I will shove bleach into your assholes" and "IM GOING TO TAKE YOUR TESTICLES AND POUND THEM WITH A HAMMER IM UP ALL NIGHT TO FUCK U UP". 

Before publishing a stream of 'the most terrifying tweets', a spokesman from the magazine said: "We weren't quite prepared for how many tweets we would receive in such a short space of time. (In fact, the response was so large that briefly crashed under the strain).

"While most were positive, and some less so, a few frankly had us fearing for our lives. Although the issue doesn't even go on sale until Thursday, a lot of the band's fan base took issue with certain cover lines, in particular one on Harry Styles' cover, 'He's Up All Night To Get Lucky'."

They added: "It just goes to show: hell hath no fury like a Directioner scorned."

GQ have published a feature with each member of One Direction getting their own cover

See the most terrifying tweets below (warning - not for the faint-hearted)

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