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Rihanna wins court case against Top Shop over image on t-shirt

Singer wins $5m case against UK retailer


Rihanna wins court case against Top Shop over image on t-shirt



Rihanna has emerged victorious from her court case against Top Shop, after suing the store for using an unauthorized image of the star on a t-shirt sold in store.

Topshop have been found found guilty of "passing off" the t-shirt, which bears an image very similar to one used on an album cover, as an item approved by Rihanna herself. The company are now prevented from any future sales of the product.

The singer, who has her own clothing range with River Island, has successfully sued the Topshop company Arcadia for $5million (£3.3 million).

The image use was ruled as misleading and damaging to the singer's "goodwill." The judge explained that using the image without her approval could affect her ability to control her reputation in the fashion industry.

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The judge also stated it was a case whereby a "substantial number" of customers could have been duped into buying the T-shirt because it appeared as though Rihanna herself had approved it.

The image was taken by a freelance photographer while Rihanna filmed her 'We Found Love' video in 2011.

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