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14:35 20th September 2011

Doctor Who is on the cusp of its fiftieth anniversary, and Gigwise wants to find out who you think has been the greatest out of the eleven Doctors.

First aired in 1963, Doctor Who has been a staple diet - apart from a brief hiatus in the late 1990's - of the BBC schedules ever since, with actors such as John Pertwee, Tom Baker and David Tennant playing various incarnations of the Time Lord.

All fans have their favourites, and those that they think weren't fit to enter the Tardis, and we now want to find out how good - or bad - you think each Doctor has been.

Matt Smith currently portrays the Doctor, having replaced David Tennant in 2010. Has he done enough in his one year to justify a place amongst the greats? Or has he not yet earned his place? You can decide by voting here.

Doctor Who currently airs on BBC One Saturday nights at 9.00.

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