He says band are talking...
jason gregory
08:13 20th October 2010

Keith Richards has said he is “ready” to get back together with the Rolling Stones.

The guitarist said the band, who have been on hiatus since their Bigger Bang tour ended in 2007, were discussing a possible new album and tour.

“We're whispering — I wouldn't say talking,” Richards told Rolling Stone. “I'm getting hints. And I'm always ready.

“Mick and I spoke about a month ago in New York. It's at that mumbling stage. But I had some outtakes from the last sessions we did [for 'A Bigger Bang'] and said, 'Just to jog your memory...'

“So there's interaction. You don't want to push it too hard.”

Richards added that he was often the catalsyst for a reunion because “they know I will say yes”.

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The guitarist releases his much anticipated autobiography, Life, which lifts the lid on his career, next week.

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