Former prime minister praises Manchester group...
jason gregory
13:00 23rd September 2010

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called Oasis a “great band”, but admitted that the Gallagher brothers probably don't feel the same way about him.

Blair famously hosted a star-studded party at Downing Street in 1997 which featured Noel Gallagher, as well as a host of other names.

In an interview with Shortlist, he praised the Manchester group, who split last year.

“That was the only time we had that sort of party,” he said.

“It's just ridiculous that it became a Labour 'thing', but, you know, those guys are great guys to know. Oasis are a great band. I don't think they're big fans of mine.”

Meanwhile, Blair also said that if he hadn't gone into politics he would like to have been in a band, “but sadly I just wasn't good enough”.

And the former Labour politician also revealed that his iPod contained the likes of U2 and Foo Fighters.

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