In Holland next month...
Scott Colothan

10:11 13th January 2010

The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is to make his directorial debut at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam next month.

The fetchingly titled 'The Sentimental Engine Slayer' is the 34-year-old's third feature film, but will be the first to get a public outing when it's screened at the festival on February 4th.

His other works, 2001’s A Manual Dexterity and 2003’s Letters from Dystopia, were unreleased.

'The Sentimental Engine Slayer' – starring Rodriguez-Lopez as the main character Barlam - was made on a tiny budget from money borrowed by his parents and a close friend and was filmed on location in El Paso, Texas in 2007.

It tells the story of a 20-something outcast (Barlam) as he struggles to come of age in a drug-addled El Paso.

Amazingly, since work on 'The Sentimental Engine Slayer' finished, Rodriguez-Lopez has finished two more films -  2008's 'El Divino Influjo De Los Secretos' and 2009's 'Boiling Death Request', both of which are in post-production.

Guitarists pulling sex faces:

  • When it comes rock star jizz faces, The Mars Volta's Omar Rodríguez-López is up there with the best of them.

  • Eric Clapton reaching the climax of yet another epic guitar solo.

  • Carlos Santana and a face of utter concentration while he strums his instrument

  • Former Procal Harum guitarist Robin Trower still knows how to hit the right note, as this photo clearly shows

  • John Mayer pulling one of his typically vile gurn faces at Hyde Park in London.

  • A classic Richie Sambora sex face. Astonishingly it's an improvement on his normal facial expression

  • One of the most unforgettable sights in the world – Eddie Van Halen in the full thrusts of playing guitar.

  • Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo looking particularly climatic

  • Astonishingly Robert Trujillo looking even more climatic

  • Is Jack Penate in pain or pleasure while pulling this grimace? We're not too sure

  • Red Hot Chili Pepper John Fruscianti in a moment of unadulterated guitar playing bliss

  • Even legends like are Jimmy Page are prone to throwing guitar faces.

  • The ridiculously talented Steve Vai in sheer guitar face ecstasy

  • AC/DC's Angus Young defying the years and clearly enjoying himself onstage

  • Hard rock veteran Frank Marino in grunting live action

  • Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny pulling another one of his infamous faces.

  • Whitesnake's Doug Aldrich closing his eyes and thinking of, erm, England

  • Ronnie Wood's facial expression when he's having his way with his 21-year-old Russian girlfriend

  • Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Muse's Matthew Bellamy hits the spot