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Jason Gregory
12:40 7th September 2008

Heather Mills former publicist Michele Elyzabeth has claimed that money was behind her client’s marriage to Sir Paul McCartney.

In an interview with the News of the World, Elyzabeth - who stopped working for Ms Mills six weeks ago - also alleged that the former model leaked false reports and tapped phone conversations involving the former Beatle.

Ms Mills was awarded a £24.3 million divorce settlement from Sir Paul by a High Court Judge in March.

The couple, who married the former model in June 2002, were forced to take their divorce public after failing to reach a private settlement.

Speaking about the couple’s marriage, Elyzabeth said: “She’s a gold digger. I’m certain her marriage to Paul was all about the money.

“I’ve spent hours with Heather, I’ve seen how tight she is with her cash, how she lied to me about Paul giving her money and experienced how she dodges bills—including my own fees.

Elyzabeth claimed that Ms Mills has tried to push Sir Paul “emotionally” in order to increase her divorce settlement.

“In the two-year run-up to the divorce she openly told the world that Paul gave her nothing, but then the court papers revealed he’d supported her to the tune of over £3 million,” the former publicist said.

Elyzabeth also told the newspaper: “Heather used me as her mouthpiece for four years, and I’m ashamed to say throughout that time I simply told lies.

“As her friend I believed she was telling the truth, but now I realise she conned me.”

In his decree nisi in May, Judge Justice Bennett criticised Ms Mills saying she had given "inconsistent and inaccurate" evidence during the couple's hearing.

In contrast, he praised McCartney, saying he had given a “consistent, accurate and honest” account to the court.

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