Post-Dirty Hit moves
Jessie Atkinson
12:27 7th August 2020

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Gia Ford has shared an ominous new single written in collaboration with Spector's Fred Macpherson and Jerskin Fendrix. It's the first cut the singer-songwriter has shared since her severance from former label Dirty Hit.

Harder edged than her previous releases, which have played with 90s RnB and 70s Disco, 'Sleeping In Your Garden' shows a much darker side to Ford, whose voice takes on a new, powerful persona on the cut. It's somewhere between The Big Moon and Roxy Music.

Indulgent guitars bleed into the background as Ford paints an ominous picture with her sinister narrative. 

"It definitely got more and more out of the box for me as it went on; even
during recording I had to let go of what I’d usually do and just be what the song needed me to be," Ford commented, "it's a sendoff for Murder In The Dark."

'Sleeping In Your Garden' is the first music from the artist following her public severance from former label Dirty Hit. The Murder In The Dark EP arrived in May of this year, chasing on the heels of debut tape Poster Boy, which dropped last October.

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Photo: Melony Lemon