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Jason Gregory

12:08 29th April 2008

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US rapper Ne-Yo has revealed that he turned down a request to write songs for The Spice Girls because he didn’t have time.

The rapper said that he was approached by the group last year to write material for their much-anticipated reunion tour and album.

“Spice Girls asked me to write some songs but I couldn’t find time,” he told the Daily Star.

“They wanted something to put on their comeback album but I never got round to getting it done.

“I was recording songs for Rihanna at the time,” he added.

Despite not being able to record material with the band, Ne-Yo did reveal that he was a secret fan of the group, particularly Scary Spice Mel B.

“Scary Spice is my favourite all day long, although I like Posh too,” he said.

Earlier today, Mel B revealed that the Spice Girls wouldn’t reform again for Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday celebrations in Hyde Park this summer.

The Spice Girl blamed time commitments on missing the concert, which is expected to feature a performance from Eminem.

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