In response to its 'cool list'...
Scott Colothan

14:01 8th November 2007

Seemingly in a bid to look entirely like a carrot-topped lump of stilton, Gallows’ Frank Carter has been discussing his plans for his next tattoo.

The raucous singer wants a ‘Fuck the NME’ is response to weekly music rag’s cool list, which Carter topped this week.

He told xfm:  "I’ve gotta get a 'Fuck The NME' tattoo. I did say if they put me number one I’d get it done, cos they’d probably think that was cool and that would cement my place for next year.

"I might just get one of my boys in my band to do it because I don’t want it to look particularly good. Somewhere on my leg, I’m just drawing tattoos at the minute actually. I just tattooed my little brother and I’ve gotta do my bassist later on. Tour is a good place to get tattoos."

Photo: James Russell