The poll results are in...
Scott Colothan

15:58 27th October 2007

A little over two weeks ago we asked Radiohead fans to vote for their favourite song from the Oxford band’s seventh opus ‘In Rainbows’, and now the results are in.

More than 4,000 of you took part and top of the pile was the record’s third track ‘Nude’ with 18% of votes - a song that the band have been sitting on for over a decade and have only now perfected.

On the day of the album’s release, we said of the song: “Destined to be yet another timeless Radiohead track (to the most ardent fans it already is), the band have finally tackled one of their most difficult works perfectly.”

In second place with 16% of the votes is ‘Reckoner’ and in third is ‘All I Need’ with 13%. Bottom of the pile is ‘Faust Arp’ with just 4% of you saying it was your favourite.

The breakdown of votes and the tracks’ respective positions is as follows:

1. Nude - 18%
2. Reckoner - 16%
3. All I Need - 13%
4. Jigsaw Falling Into Place - 11%
5. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi - 9%
6. 15 Step - 9%
7. Videotape - 7%
8. Bodysnatchers - 7%
9. House of Cards - 6%
10. Faust Arp - 4%

Photo: wenn