Her songs are 'idiotic'...
Daniel Melia

12:16 3rd September 2007

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Kaiser Chiefs bass player Simon Rix has launched a scathing attack on the debatable talents of US pop star Pink.

Labelling the singers songs as “idiotic” he picked out in particular Pink’s track ‘Dear Mr President’.

The song is a supposed open letter to US President George W Bush and contains the lines “Dear Mr. President/ Were you a lonely boy/ Are you a lonely boy/ Are you a lonely boy”.

Rix said of the track according to Yahoo music: "She's just crap. Fact is, Pink stinks. Take a look at that song Dear Mr President - it's just terrible. The lyrics are idiotic.

"Pink is like a practical joke being played on the world. Can't say I love the girl."

Everything is just so average nowadays…

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