A major source of greenhouse gases...
Scott Colothan

16:31 9th July 2007

Moby has hit out at organisers of the Live Earth concerts for selling meat at the shows.

Speaking through his blog, the vegan dance veteran quoted the UN statistic that livestock breeding and the gases the animals emit is a huge contributor to worldwide the greenhouse gases in the environment.
He writes: “The one thing that still stuns me… is that almost no one in the 'stop global warming' camp talks about the environmental ramifications of animal production. To quote a UN article: ‘rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars.’

”Livestock production is responsible for the release of more greenhouse gases than every car or SUV or pickup-truck on the planet.”

Clearly on a roll, he continues: “When the major news media report on global warming why do they rarely (if at all) discuss the role of livestock production in climate change?

”It's kind of like talking about the causes of the civil war and forgetting to mention slavery and abolitionism, or talking about someone with lung cancer and neglecting to mention that they smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day.

”Yesterday at the 'live earth' concerts people were eating hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken, which is akin to getting drunk at the funeral for someone who died of alcohol poisoning.

”It's just depressing that some huge truths about climate change are too inconvenient even for the well-intentioned left.”