An anti-drug song about drugs
Jessie Atkinson
12:04 10th July 2020

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Get to know Connie Constance: she's going to be on your radar a lot in the near future. With her new cut 'James', the Watford-born singer-songwriter makes her most charming - and relatable - statement yet. 

Flitting between song and sprechgesang with comfortable ease, Constance runs through all the delicious intoxicants that railroad us every weekend. Drugs, fags, alcohol: all of them get stage time on this light and airy new indie single.

Crucially, Constance makes it clear that the price of doing all these things on the regular are less than ideal. The message comes neatly packaged in a soulful, jazz-inflected indie track. It's a heady mix: one we bet you'll love.

Constance has a lot to say about the new single: "[It's] a fist fight between mental health, physical health, freedom and responsibilities," she began in a press note. "How dare I treat myself this way. What kind of example does this set to young girls like me?..."

'James' follows the sugar melodied rock 'n' roll of 'Monty Python' and last year's debut full-length English Rose.

Like we said: remember the name.

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