Featuring a chimp lip syncing for its life
Jessie Atkinson
10:59 18th June 2020

Everything Everything have done a 180 from positive, upbeat leftfield pop with their new single 'Planets'. The new cut, which teases forthcoming album Re-Animator takes a mournful turn, moping in electronic Gothicism.

Frontman Jonathan Higgs howls his loneliness to the synth moon on a song that dials up the drama to 1,000. There are echoes of Editors in the glitzy depression of the verses, while the chorus spasms with anxious arpeggiators.

The accompanying video features an adorable puppet chimp who lip syncs for its life in  increasingly psychedelic surroundings. Looks like this monkey is bugging out on the sounds of Everything Everything.

Your turn:

“‘Planets’ is a song about calling out to be loved, feeling unworthy and finding the love of the universe instead" the band said. 

Re-Animator was recorded at RAK studios in December with St. Vincent collaborator John Congleton. 

Re-Animator Track List:

1. Lost Powers
2. Big Climb
3. It Was A Monstering
4. Planets
5. Moonlight
6. Arch Enemy
7. Lord Of The Trapdoor
8. Black Hyena
9. In Birdsong
10. The Actor
11. Violent Sun

Re-Animator arrives 21 August via Infinity industries

Photo: Press