Rockstar tributes pour in for the Marvel icon
Andy Hill
13:55 13th November 2018

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Following the tragic death of Marvel Comics supremo Stan Lee yesterday (12 November) at the ripe old age of 95, luminaries from the world of music have gone online to effusively praise the role the great man’s work played in shaping their art and life.

Rockers as diverse as Gene Simmons – whose band Kiss were immortalised in a 1977 comic presented by Lee – and Vernon Reid from Living Colour were among the first to share their admiration for the genius nicknamed simply ‘Excelsior’.

Here’s a selection of the most poignant reactions, kicking off with everybody’s favourite probably-tongue-in-cheek rocker Rob Zombie:

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And here’s some of the nicer meme-y tweets, showing how much love Stan Lee accumulated during his time on earth…

And just in case you thought everybody online was being uncharacteristically humble and respectful, Goop founder and erstwhile Coldplay muse Gwyneth Paltrow had this moving contribution (later deleted)…

There are probably two reasons Stan Lee’s passing has elicited such an emotional response, in particular from those engaged in the creative and artistic fields. For one, he effortlessly and more-or-less singlehandedly created a whole universe of new characters, ideas and situations. Several universes, if you want to be pedantic about it – all at first painstakingly drawn line by line, then rendered outsized on a billion cinema screens.

That, and his transparent love of the good life, getting stuck in to the party with the likes of Gene Simmons. Never mind writer, publisher, or figurehead… as of now, Stan Lee is nothing short of an honorary rockstar.

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