That's 'Dr Hooky' to you
Julian Marszalek
11:40 9th July 2018

Former Joy Division and New Order bass monster Peter Hook is to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by the University of Salford this week, in recognition of his services to rock music and the history of rock music.

And why not? There aren’t that many musicians who can claim to have altered the course of modern music once, let alone twice, as Hooky has done. Sorry – we mean Dr Hooky. Joy Division completely reinvented the dymanics, delivery and aesthetics of rock music, while the ramifications of New Order’s pioneering work in electronic music are still keenly felt to this day.

"Peter Hook has had a huge influence on music and popular culture over the last four decades, as well as a proud Salfordian who continues to have a deep involvement in his home city" said Tim France, director of music at the University of Salford.

"Hook's bass playing instilled the importance of rhythm and melody in punk rock, inspiring a generation of dance-oriented new wave bands," he continued. "Through New Order, Joy Division, Factory Records and The Hacienda he showed what artists can achieve if they are brave enough to take risks, and as an institution that encourages innovation we are delighted to welcome him as an honorary graduate."

Hooky himself is beaming with pride.

"As a very proud Salfordian, this is very much a personal pinnacle for me" said Dr Hooky "I always looked on the University of Salford as a very special place, from my nights in the Student Union until Joy Division played the main hall, I always thought of it as a very special institution. To now be a part of it is incredibly humbling.

“[Manchester moguls] Tony Wilson and Alan Wise always used to impress on me how underplayed Salford was in our region's musical history," he added. "I am very happy to used this occasion to prove how important Salford was and still is."

Photo: Facebook