It'll be here in 2007...
Daniel Melia

12:15 20th August 2006

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Field Music have announced details of their second album which is set for release in early 2007.

Entitled ‘Tones Of Town’ the record will be release in January of next year while the first single to be taken from it, ‘In Context’, will be out in October.

Speaking about the recording of the album Pete Brewis said: "We did loads of stuff to try and get different sounds, recording guitars in corridors and percussion in stairwells, whacking whatever bits of junk were lying around and sampling it, singing into pianos, using the ladies toilets underneath the studio for reverb."

The track listing is:

Give It Lose It Take It
Sit Tight
Tones Of Town
A House Is Not A Home
Working To Work
In Context
A Gap Has Appeared
Closer At Hand
Place Yourself
She Can Do What She Wants

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