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Daniel Melia

11:04 24th February 2006

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Bloc Party are set to return to the studio next month to record their second album and say they plan to expand on their sound “along the lines of Radiohead”.

Bass player Gordon Moakes has revealed that they are currently working on up to twenty tracks including ‘Uniform’ which he describes as a “people pleaser”, ‘Atonement’ which he expects to be the albums centrepiece and ‘Wet’ which he says is a dance-floor feet mover.

Moakes says that the new material is set to surprise their fans, he told Rolling Stone: "There's always a danger that you can disappoint people when you do something different. With us, we've retained some of that jerkiness (from ‘Silent Alarm’) but we didn't want to do anything that we've already done. There's a lot of gentle stuff, but we don't want to have a gentle record."

The four piece are currently looking for a producer having tried out several candidates with Moakes saying that they hope to meet someone that will aid their attempts to go in a more experimental direction.

“We're looking to expand more along the lines of Radiohead, but it's obviously a bit early to kind of imagine yourself in that mold. We're working toward not being afraid to make music out of quite difficult sounds and have things quite processed. We want to get more texture into what we do, and not have it just like a rock record."

The band expect to have the record completed and ready for release in August.

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