It's a "rock n' roll beast"...
Daniel Melia

11:09 20th February 2006

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All hail and rejoice the return of the bed wetter’s for Keane have finished their second album and can’t wait for us to hear the new material!

The band have been working on the follow up to ‘Hopes & Fears’  for the past few monthsand say that at first they felt the pressure after the success of the first record.

Drummer Richard Hughes told the BBC: "I think to start off with we felt a lot of pressure, but I think we reached the point where we thought actually if we keep worrying about what everyone's going to think, this is going to turn out to be a rubbish album."

He added: "So we just thought lets lock ourselves away and do whatever excites us really, makes us feel that sort of thrill of making music and we ended up with a sort of weird rock and roll beast of an album."

With the new songs done and dusted piano player Tim Rice-Oxley says the three piece are itching to get back on the road.

"Towards the end of last year we were all kind of completely brain dead and exhausted. I think we all felt like we really wanted to have a break from touring, but it's funny how you have a few weeks off and you start to get twitchy."

"Now we're absolutely desperate to get out on the road again, we've got a bunch of new songs and I can't wait."

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