His Sheffield city mates...
Scott Colothan

11:34 30th January 2006

Fellow Sheffield lad Jarvis Cocker has heaped praise on the Arctic Monkeys.

The Pulp frontman loves the way the Monkeys have achieved phenomenal success without trying and believes the foursome have got what it takes to rise above the hype.

In fact he sees Arctic Monkeys’ success as a triumph over the pop industry that pumps millions into their acts to make them big.

As contact music quotes, Cocker explains: “I think it's very important because they've done it without trying.

"The only reason people have got into it (the music) is because they've listened to it and they like it, so it's something real.

"I guess all the music industry will probably think 'how can we emulate that or what can we do?'

"I think there's nothing they can do about it because it's something that has happened naturally, there's no way to apply spin doctorism to it."