Re-issues by Bowie and Prince For RSD 2017
PJ Thorne

10:18 23rd March 2017

Special releases from late music legends David Bowie and Prince highlight the special offering from this year's Record Store Day which will be taking place on April 22nd.

According to various news sites a reissue of the long out of print 1983 Prince picture disc for "Little Red Corvette"/"1999" will be one of the exclusives offered this year at participating record stores. It will be limited to just 5,000 copies.

For David Bowie fans, a previously unreleased live recording of his September 5th, 1974 concert in Los Angeles will be released as "David Bowie Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles '74)." It too will be limited to 5,000 units.

Also on tap for classic rock fans will be Jimmy Page and the Black Crows' "Misty Mountain Hop," "Bring It On Home," "In the Light" a live recordings from the Jones Beach Concert on marbled black and white vinyl.

Other exclusive releases as part of the annual day to promote independent record stores will include a tape of demos by the duo of Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello.

David Bowie and Prince were both artists who had the ability and talent to traverse the musical trends and embrace new genres as they unveiled themselves.

Bowie was adept at tackling new trends and re-imagining himself, Prince was also a master of reinvention.

These special releases by so many artists will be highly sought and a vinyl option is always a wonderful way to enjoy your favourite artist.

Vinyl and cassette tape are on their way back into the zone and many are now returning to those crackly old formats to enjoy music as it should be heard.

The sales of vinyl have increased remarkably in recent years and continue to do so. Bands are now using this as a new option to combat the rising pressure of online streaming and the loss of earning due to such sites.

Surely it can only be a short time before all music fans return to the fold and have a record player as a part of their music loving life once again.

Photo: Press