Their classic summery groove provides the perfect festi-from-home vibe
Elli Chappelhow
12:27 22nd May 2020

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If you’ve listened to Cassia before, you’ll understand that it’s literally impossible to not feel uplifted by their joyful tracks, that can instantly transport you to a sun drenched balcony, and place a cool drink into your outstretched hand. With influences from all corners of the globe that have inspired their percussion, they’ve added a twist to classic pop-driven indie, that puts them in their own lane and makes them seem very comfortable in occupying.  

This new single is no different. With a great funk bassline that gives it a real melodic groove infused with tropical tones, ‘Drifting’ is the ideal soundtrack those sunny days spent trying to keep your distance in a communal park. Listen below:

Although the song wasn't necessarily written about the current situation, it still finds relevance within the lyrics that feel like everyone's drifting along, as the band explain: “‘Drifting’ initially was written after I (Rob) watched the movie Interstellar last summer. We then started working it up together in March whilst we were all locked into our house.The dystopian storyline really grabbed me back then and it so happened that the lyrics suit what everyone is going through right now, which is really freaky. It’s a song about feeling like you’re drifting. Not having control over what’s happening, distance, daydreaming, growing up and learning for the better.”

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Photo: Puria Safary