Clutching at straws to save a failing relationship
Elli Chappelhow
11:52 22nd May 2020

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Flirting with both melancholy and euphoria, San Cisco have mastered the knack of using ear worm tracks and pop hooks to really evoke a mood and feeling. Exploring love, loss, heartbreak and everything in-between with fluidity and style, this Aussie three-piece are gearing up for their next studio album with their new single 'On The Line'. 

The track launches with a gleaming high-pitched guitar riff, that then settles into their trademark sound fusing bright and boppy instrumentals with more atmospheric, dream-pop sounds. 

Exploring the fragility of a weak relationship, the band explain the inspiration behind the track: “Where do you draw the line? When do you pull the plug? How do you know if the juice is worth the squeeze? The game of love is never an easy one to play. Do you pick up the pieces and move onto something new? Or stick it out for another round of romance?”

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Photo: Pooneh Ghana