Rarities and classics to keep us company
Dillon Eastoe
10:19 20th April 2020

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For the third installment of their ongoing livestream series, Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil once again invites us into his living room for another half -hour session of solo sing-alongs. This week Simon is rocking a daring combo of shiny gold trousers, socks and sliders. As has become the norm with Biffy’s weekly offerings, we get a few deep cuts alongside the usual big hitters that pack their live shows. 

Perched on a quite mesmerising chair (seriously, go watch the set and check out the design on that thing), Simon kicks off with acoustic ballad ‘God & Satan’ from their 2009 breakthrough Only Revolutions. That lungbusting chorus is the perfect start to a lockdown weekend. Switching to electric guitar, golden oldie ‘27’ gets an interesting makeover, completing its first chorus in minor key before shifting to the hopeful melody Biff fans will be familiar with. 

For the eagle-eyed among you, any help identifying Simon’s Funko Pop collection nestled on the shelf? Is that a Frodo Baggins I see? There’s one in a top hat but safe to assume it isn’t Winston Churchill. ‘Adored’, a sorrowful ballad from last year’s Balance, Not Symmetry soundtrack album (check it out, it’s their best work in years) is a hushed reverie before a joyous run-through first album favourite ‘Justboy’. After nearly twenty years it’s great to hear those melodies belted out again. Biffy’s setlists are so stacked at this point in their career you rarely get to hear some of these early songs. 

‘Skylight’, a terse, haunting drone from the Opposites opus is another given a rare outing, Simon thrashing the outro chords out like he’s playing to thousands rather than into a webcam. One question though Simon: when are you going to bring the sitar out to play? So tantalising seeing it just sitting there. 

‘Friends and Enemies’ is a lovely send-off into the weekend, one of their poppiest recent releases with a rousing chorus and bright harmonies (that’s us at home on backing vocals). As we don’t look to be getting outside any time soon, stay tuned next week for more rarities and classics. Thanks to Biffy for keeping us company in the meantime!

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Photo: Katie Willoughby