YouTube terminates Majestic Casual channel, people wonder why
Flynn Massey

10:30 24th November 2015

Hold the phones. One of the most popular music channels on YouTube has just been shut down. It's been three days since Majestic Casual uploaded anything on one of YouTube's most viewed webpage, or said a thing on Twitter - and people are now wondering what's happened to the channel.  

YouTube have released a statement saying that Majestic was terminated "because [they've] received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material that the user posted." Based in Stuttgart and founded back in 2011, Majestic was one of the very first channels to release remixes of some of the now most well known house artists and djs, such as Kaytranada, Disclosure, The xx, Jessie Ware, and AlunaGeorge.

Reddit meanwhile has gone up in arms about the closure. Posters on the r/music subreddit have lamented at the loss, all sharing their stories and thoughts at YouTube's decision.

Getherdone94 wrote: "I listened to Majestic Casual on a daily basis. When i woke up this morning and began to search for a playlist for the day i soon began to panic when i realized that it was gone. Every. Single. Song. Gone!! I am so devastated by this. Majestic Casual was a hub for all my favourite music and with it gone its [sic] like there is a hole in my life when it comes to music."

"I cant even explain how sad this makes me. I know the songs featured on Majestic Casual can be found elsewhere on YouTube but not having that familiar 'Majestic' written overtop a relaxing picture makes the song not the same. I hope it is revived in some way shape or form because Majestic Casual was my favourite channel on YouTube."

Yesterday, Majestic updated their Facebook, stating they're "feeling sad", accompanied by an 11 minute supercut of Arnold Schwartzenegger saying his infamous catchphrase "I'll be back."

Although this isn’t the first time any channel on YouTube has been affected by claims of infringement by other parties, considering one has brought out Top 10 selling albums, and a subscriber base of over 2 million subscribers, we do hope that YouTube can change their minds and keep the music playing.

For those who are feeling the Majestic Casual Blues, go here for a top up.