All of the highlights from day two of Leeds Festival
Richard Beecham, Kate Wellham

14:07 30th August 2015

All Time Low were on the kind of testosterone-fuelled mission that kicked off the whole American Pie movie franchise at Leeds Festival last night (29 August).

They needed to know who had sex already, who was planning to have sex, and whether an inflatable whale in the crowd was up for it. 

Meanwhile, bringing all the flower crowns out in force, Peace filled the NME tent with overjoyed bodies and good vibes, with Harry Koisser possibly still high on paint fumes  - having painted his black jacket white. 

Brendan Urie succeeded at being as flamboyant and life-affirming as his sparkly silver jacket as he flew around the main stage during Panic! at the Disco's energetic performance, putting the festive in festival.

Where Panic! brought the energy, the introspection definitely came in the form of Leeds lads Alt-J. The triangle-obsessed trio brought an atmospheric vibe to the stage. Hits such as 'Tesselate' and 'Dissolve Me' brewed a mellow wave over the crowd in anticipation for headliners Mumford and Sons.

Mumford and Sons predictably drew the biggest crowd in the end, but it was a close call for a minute when Limp Bizkit-fanciers swelled out of the NME tent on all sides. Fred Durst, on the other hand, was not bothered - and made this clear by wearing a hoodie that told us.

Photo: Danny Payne