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Jessie Atkinson
14:00 17th September 2020

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You know the drill by now: Thursday is Live In Orbit day. Each week, we're streaming performances from some of our favourite new artists alongside our otherworldly friends The Close Encounter Club. Following on from last week's excellent Kt King and Ellie Bleach show, we're delighted to share tonight's gig featuring Home Counties and Hotel Lux.

Tune in from 9pm (BST) below to catch all of the action.


Up first are Home Counties, a band who landed fully-formed back in March of this year with their piping hot debut track 'Redevelopment'. On it, "dense knots of agitated guitars, prominent baselines and political lyricism stew and broil together". Onwards with 'Dad Bod', a track which announced the quintet's signing to Alcopop! Records and a penchant for Squid-like krautrocking. Tune in for live renditions of both singles, plus three unheard new ones...

Then it's Hotel Lux for the headline slot, a band hot off the heels of their latest EP Barstool Preaching, which had such tunes as 'Tabloid Newspaper' and reletable ska-meander 'Eddie's Gaff'. 

We love it, but aliens might not, the band said. "I think they'd probably abduct us before we got the chance to explain...they'd probably prefer Mac DeMarco or Coldplay."

Their Live In Orbit set was a treat for Hotel Lux, though the crowd was small and the main spectator a camera: "we all enjoyed playing in a live setting after months of not gigging." Their last real-life show? The Windmill back on March 13th, more than a month before the release of Barstool Preaching. "Feels like a lifetime ago now" they say.

Good news though! "We've got plenty of demos in the works from lockdown and managed to make a couple of music videos within that time." And of course, there's a full Hotel Lux set to watch tonight at 9pm. Don't miss it.

Tune in tonight from 9pm (BST) to catch Home Counties and Hotel Lux Live In Orbit. Whilst you’re waiting for lift off though, check out these behind the scenes snaps from our photographer Katie Willoughby and catch up with the rest of our Live In Orbit sessions here.

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Photo: Katie Willoughby