For our third specially-curated Distiller TV session
Shannon COTTON
10:36 28th August 2019

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As we approach the halfway point for our series of specially-curated sessions for Distiller TV, it’s a pleasure to welcome Isle of Wight singer Lauran Hibberd to the Distillery for a sparkling rendition of her single ‘Hoochie’. 

Weaving together all the great bits of pop, rock and indie, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, Lauran details the story behind ‘Hoochie’ as being, “named after my pet hamster, which I didn’t realise at the time is a 90s slang word for a loose woman, and I’ve called my male hamster that, so the song is basically about the 90s slang term for a loose woman pretty much.”

Watch Lauran Hibberd’s Distiller TV Session below:

Fresh from the first ferry from the Southern Isle, she describes her writing and recording process as, “pretty erratic.” 

“I reckon I write at least two songs a week, I’m an avid writer and the recording process is really fun because obviously I just write songs me and a guitar and I take it to the band and they start putting stuff on it and it’s all really fun in the room watching it all come together.”

As well as ‘Hoochie’, the singer also performed a second track, ‘Sugardaddy’. “It’s about my genuine search for a sugardaddy. Still no luck, turns out most of my audience is under 18 so that is sort of limiting me,” she laughs. 

And if you’re yet to experience Lauran Hibberd live, the singer promises, “It’s quite 90s influenced, some people call it pop, some people call it rock, some people call it grunge. You can expect a lot of dry humour between songs, that’s good fun.”

Catch Lauran Hibberd live at the following dates: 

08 - Birmingham, Hare and Hounds 2
09 - Newcastle, Think Tank Underground
10 - Glasgow, Poetry Club
12 - Manchester, Neighbourhood Festival
30 - Guildford, Boileroom 
31 - Brighton, Komedia

01 - Bournemouth, The Anvil
02 - London, Mirrors Festival

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Photo: Chloe Dunscombe