From Courtney Barnett to Metz, the best new releases this week
Will Butler and Bekki Bemrose

11:11 16th October 2015

Another week, another Friday playlist. I don't know if you've clocked it but the country is already starting to batten down the hatches for the incoming temperature drop that's due to sweep the country and ensue hysteria. Get your winter duvet out and layer up on all these wonderful nuggets of new music that came out over the last seven days.

This week we have a fine selection of tuneage for all tastes and palettes including a new one from Slutface, a tear-inducing Kanye cover from Chance and a visceral, gut-wrenching punk-buster from Canada's Metz, bon appetit. 

Chance The Rapper - 'Family Matters' (Kanye West cover)

If you've been chasing the coattails of Chicago's most unique and sought after rapper you might be aware the 23 year old has just become a father. Congratulations Chance. To celebrate, the Acid Rap star has released an adorable compilation of tour footage featuring his nearest and dearest accompanied by a reworked studio version of Kanye West's 'Family Business' - it's too sweet for words. 

Deerhunter - 'Living My Life'

Gigwise's unofficial album of the week, Deerhunter's Fading Frontier is an unabashed and minimalist work, maybe the strongest of their career - it's hard to tell with Deerhunter. 'Living My Life' is exemplary of the more low-key, kaleidoscopic facet of the record. Soft synths and a measured Cox combined with the feathery and abstract visuals, it's a totally sedative affair.  

Slutface - 'Shave My Head'

As you may have noticed, we've been pretty into the music of Norway as of late and, specifically, Slutface. Maybe it's the sub-zero climate of Scandinavia that moulds and erodes all the filler from the songwriting process that results in such awesome bands. This new offering is a rampant, giveth-no-shits, taketh-no-fucks, slice of pop-punk. Slutface's dynamic tempos and empowering lyricism has a magnetic gravitas, get yourself involved. 

Mura Masa x Shura - 'Love For That'

It's awesome when two relatively unknown artists superimpose themselves. Both well acquainted in production and razor-sharp hooks, the result of their fusion is a synthetic and spiralling three minutes that buzzes around the cranium disabling the ability to assign any sort of tangible nomenclature. It's a perfect synthesis of both these artist's unique approach to electronic music and absolutely worth your time. 

Courtney Barnett - 'Shivers' (Boys Next Door/the Birthday Party cover)

“I think when I started listening to Nick Cave and then started researching all the other bands [he was in], I really loved that song ‘Shivers’ that the Birthday Party did". While Barnett has the ability to dull her voice, she has never shown   the willpower to complete distance personality from it. This is what attempting 'Shivers' brings out of the Aus singer. Drawling, sparse and disjointed, doomsday is upon us and Barnett is on the first ferry to hell. 

Metz - 'Eraser'

Following their punishing second album, Metz' prolificness navigates at a similar velocity as their tunes. Spewing, dissonant and searing, 'Eraser' has the mainstream appeal of an infected wound but Metz' job isn't to please you, it's to make kick-ass punk music and they deserve a promotion. 

Ex Libras - 'Drive'

One of our premieres of the week, Ex Libras are a London trio you need to get your ears around. 'Drive' is a sprawling five minute composition that swells with a sinister distortion before the levee breaks, unleashing this cascading barrage of noise that stuns and illuminates. The whole track is a testament to the band's dedication to creation - there are flickers of math-rock as well as prog and post-rock within this polished indie casing.


The voice behind the convicting Run the Jewels' 'Early', the songwriter behind Beyonce and the producer behind FKA Twigs - BOOTS has been behind some of recent years' most enticing and innovative records and with a third solo album in the works, it's about time he get the recognition coming to him. C.U.R.E is a bombastic, schizophrenic and glitchy descent featuring both sung and rapped verses - a jack of all trades and master of as many.  

Mo - 'Kamikaze'

‘Kamikaze' is the latest single taken from Mo’s album No Mythologies to Follow. The track is produced by Major Lazer lead member Diplo, and it shows. What could have been a syrupy slice of pop predictability becomes an interesting prospect in Mo and Diplo’s hands. Mo said of working with Diplo: “It’s always such a fun and open-minded creative process. It’s about memorable songs but, more than that, it’s about making pop music that wants to push boundaries.” The result is a joyful, interesting record perfect to start your weekend with.

Victories at Sea - 'Bloom'

Victories at Sea have released the the single ‘Bloom’ in advance of their debut album - due 30 October. If this is anything to go by it’ll be one to look forward to. It’s got a post punk disco vibe that's very easy on the ear. They certainly wear their influences on their sleeves, but when you got a tune as good as this no ones gonna argue. Perfect post night out blowing out the cobwebs stuff.