Hanging out with Neon Waltz before their Lake Stage set
Will Butler

15:41 30th July 2015

Even with only demos available online, Scottish indie six-piece, Neon Waltz were championed up and down the country taking on an onslaught of tour dates all summer. Despite their relative infancy as a band, they seem well acquainted with the minutia of being touring musicians. Having played 200 shows last year alone, Neon Waltz are determined to get their name out there, so you best start remembering it.

We spoke to the Scottish up-and-comers about what it means to be a 'new' band, isolation, and the difference between Latitude and other festivals. We also have a selection of great photos taken by the band of their time at Latitude, have a look below.

To those who are yet to hear you, how would you describe your sound?
Dreamy, ethereal, melodic, wxplosive.

Do you feel as if there are any misconceptions about you as 'new' artists?
Nah, not really, I mean we’ve played about 200 shows since last year but outside of our crowd no-one really knows about us yet, so we’re gonna be new to most people.

Would you say that the isolation of John O’Groats in Scotland helped to shape your sound?
Yeah. There’s basically nothing else up here for us to do but write songs and play music, so it’s helped in that way.

Is an album in the can, on the horizon or a distant way off at this stage?
We’ve been in the studio over the last few weeks, we’re taking a break to do a few shows then we’ll be going back in. It’ll be out next year sometime, and I don't mind telling you we’re properly buzzing about how it's coming together.

How was your first Latitude?
It was amazing. Probably the best day I’ve had at a festival, the weather was brilliant, we went for a swim, drank a lot, met Harry Enfield in the queue at the tobacco stall. Seeing one my favourite bands Portishead from the side of the stage was one of the most insane and brilliant experiences of my life.

What do you think it is about Latitude that makes it a festival like no other?
There is just a really good feeling about the place. The setting is cool as fuck, the line-up was great, and the crowd all seemed really chilled out.


The lads take a dip in the lake

 Inside look at the Neon Waltz pre-gig strategy meeting

The day Neon Waltz became legit

Beautiful scenes as Saturday evening approaches

Having a 'who can look the most like a rockstar' competition and losing to the security guy

Making full use of the rental van

'Shit, I think we're lost'

The secret to efficient beer consumption

More quality time spent by the van

Curated by Huw Stevens, The Lake Stage was dominated by Neon Waltz on the Saturday night.

Neon Waltz are always there to help out with van unloading

Coffee and biscuits are a necessity to keep a young band's strength up at Latitude

'Alright, we're definitely lost'

Introducing the seventh member of Neon Waltz

Photo: Wenn