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Marilyn Manson fearful of second jail stretch

Star also threatens having enemies' grandchildren 'beaten with pipes'


Marilyn Manson fearful of second jail stretch Photo:

Marilyn Manson has admitted that he is scared of prison after spending a short period of time locked up almost 20 years ago.

The 'Fight Song' star has always shocked and appalled music fans, often leading to dramatic consequences. However, Manson is keen to never go too far and wind up on the wrong side of the law like he did in 1994 when he was arrested for indecent exposure.

"It was a hard two days. I took a beating. I mouthed off and learned my lesson, washed my face in Palmolive (soap) in a toilet, that type of thing."Manson told Revolver on his time inside.

That said, Manson is not about to start living his life like Cliff Richard any time soon, "I've done dangerous things. I've tried to kill people before... I feel that if someone f**ks with someone that I love, or means the world to me - be it friends, family, partners, my cat, my career - I'm gonna defend that in any way I need to.

Adding: "I'm not a conventional revenge person. I'm the type of person who will wait for someone's grandchildren to grow up, and then have them beaten with pipes, old-fashioned style."

Manson will release new album 'Born Villain' later this year, you can hear first single 'No Reflection' here, now.

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