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Queen Enlist Fans To Help Assemble Tribute Band For 2012 Tour

Drummer Roger Taylor auditioning young lookalikes...


Queen Enlist Fans To Help Assemble Tribute Band For 2012 Tour Photo:

Roger Taylor has announced that he will be enlisting fans to help him form an official Queen tribute band.

The drummer is recruiting "great-looking guys" for Queen Extravaganza, a 2012 tour that will pay tribute to the band and some of their most loved songs.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Taylor said he was inspired to start the tribute band after seeing a poster in Norfolk : "It said, 'Queen on stage'. I saw in the very hall where we used to play and there's just the quite bad picture of a band. There are so many of these tribute bands and then there are like orchestral concerts going on featuring music. A lot of these things are not up to scratch and so we want to do it properly

He added: ''Let's face it we're getting a little long in the tooth, but there are an awful lot of tribute bands, some of them good, some of them not good. I'm quite convinced that there are tens of thousands of kids, of really talented people, in their bedrooms around the world playing drums, guitar, and singing. And I want to find some of those people."

The band last toured with Paul Rodgers replacing the late Freddie Mercury. For more details, check out

Meanwhile, there has been huge speculation that Queen will perform at the Opening and Closing ceremonies at next year's Olympics, with the likes of Paul McCartney and Rolling Stones both linked.

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