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Plan B: Rioters Need To Be Educated Before Britain Is Destroyed

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Plan B has said the people who have participated in riots across Britain need to be given an education before the country is left weak and vulnerable.

Rioting and looting initially broke out in London at the weekend, but has since spread to cities across the UK, including Manchester and Birmingham.

In an editorial for the Sun newspaper, Plan B said the rioters, many of whom are teenagers, are only rioting to get free stuff.

He wrote: “The real thing that's going to help these kids is some knowledge and some education about how to live, because what's the point of getting arrested and put into jail for a pair of new trainers or a f*cking microwave?”

Plan B, real name Ben Drew, also said he believed the rioters did not understand the implications of their actions.

“What are these riots in aid of if they make everybody poor?” he said. “Then there's no way out, there's no other option.

“The thing is, every kid who sells crack or robs another kid or commits a violent crime, they always have a choice. Right now, they don't know, but they're trying to change all that.

“If people keep doing this, and destroying our economy, that's the way it's going to go.”

He added: “We already have all our troops overseas, got a lack of police, we're sitting ducks. If any terrorists were to hit now we're be at our weakest. I think it's messed up, man.”

As previously reported on Gigwise, the violence continued in Manchester last night (August 9) where Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green clothing store was looted.

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