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Panic At The Disco: Arcade Fire Were Huge Inspiration On New Album

They tell Gigwise...


Panic At The Disco: Arcade Fire Were Huge Inspiration On New Album Photo:

Panic At The Disco have revealed that Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' was a huge inspiration whilst making their new album.

The band, who return later next month with the follow-up to 2008's 'Pretty. Odd', which is called 'Vices And Virtues', spoke to Gigwise about their new album and recording process.

''Arcade Fire's album was a huge inspiration for us whilst recording, it's such a phenomenal record," frontman Brendon urie said.

"Especially when we were in the song writing process, towards the end listening to that record became really frustrating."

He added: ''I wanted our album to sound as good as that. It was inspiring as it made us want to work harder.''

Panic At The Disco will play a one-off gig in London tonight (February 8) in support of their forthcoming new album. Check out Gigwise's full Panic At The Disco interview later this month.

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