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Noel Gallagher Ready To Join Kasabian

He'll perform with them on their arena tour...


Noel Gallagher Ready To Join Kasabian Photo: Shirlaine Forrest

Noel Gallagher will perform live with close friends Kasabian on their upcoming arena tour, Tom Meighan claims.

Kasabian supported Oasis on a string of summer shows and have long been admirers and friends of the Manchester group.

Speaking to the News of the World, 28-year-old Meighan said he's only too happy to invite Noel aboard the Kasabian ship.

He said: "We've got our arena tour in November. Noel will be calling us up nearer the time for sure saying, 'Lads, I'm going to come perform with you on tour'.

"He's a performing machine, and loves playing live so he jumps at the opportunity whenever he can join us."

Meighan also said he wouldn't turn down the chance of recording a song with Noel, adding: "We'd love to do a track with him. Never say never.

"But at the moment he's concentrating on his solo stuff and we're busy as ever."

Oasis and Kasabian live in Manchester:

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